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Back to School!
We're excited for the 2019-2020 school year to begin! 
Kick-off & Open House dates (PDF) (RTF)
Check the dates and times for your child's school. Don't forget that school pictures are taken at the kick-off.
School Supplies
All elementary and junior high school supply lists can be found on the right side of the school's webpage. Southview's list is under "For Students" on their webpage. Northview students will receive supply lists from each teacher when classes begin.

Transportation News (PDF) (RTF)

In an effort to provide safe, timely and efficient busing for our students, our Transportation Department has been reviewing and updating our policies and practices. Here are a couple of new changes:

  • Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus and get on/off at their assigned stop. We no longer allow students to ride home with friends

  • Student Release - Transportation continues to offer the option to parents who need a consistent alternate pickup &/or dropoff location within their child’s school boundaries
    • Student release form (PDF) (RTF)
    • Complete the form and return it to the Transportation Department. Call 419-824-8686 with any questions.

  • Bus stop locations have been carefully selected so that the elementary, junior high, and high school bus routes are consistent where possible. If you request a change for your bus stop, contact the Transportation Department.
    • If the Transportation Department allows the bus stop change, allow 48 hours for your child to be assigned to an existing stop.
    • If a new stop is created, the bus will begin picking up your child the following week on Wednesday

  • Bus roster updates - For students who don’t ride the bus the first month of school and then want bus transportation:
    • Parent/Guardian should call the Transportation Department at 419-824-8686 one week prior to the student needing transportation
    • The student will be added back to the bus roster
    • A transportation department employee will call the parent/guardian when the child is assigned to a stop.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a delay for all students on the bus. When students who have not been on the bus, attempt to ride the bus, bus drivers must verify the student demographic information with the Transportation office, possibly school office as well as call the parent/guardian to ensure that the student is to be transported via bus.

  • Bus numbers and stop times will be available online one week before school begins.

If you have any questions once you have checked your child’s bus information online, call the Transportation Department at 419-824-8686.

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