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Sylvania Schools

2020-2021 FAQs


What will the Yellow-Hybrid schedule look like?
Students are assigned to group A or group B. Each group will be in school 2 days per week and at home 3 days per week. Typically, the A group will be in school on Monday/Tuesday and the B Group will be in school on Wednesday/Thursday with all students at home on Friday. When the district is not scheduled to be in session on a Monday, the schedule shifts for in school learning (A-Tues/Wed, B-Thurs/Fri.)

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Is deep cleaning only accomplished on the day that all students are at home?
No. The school is thoroughly cleaned each day. As is typical during flu season, Sylvania uses the Clorox 360 machine. Classrooms, including each student desk, are sanitized daily. 
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