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Remote Learning - Classwork

Remote Learning - Classwork 

Junior High and High School

Work will vary from class to class, and teachers will determine the most appropriate remote learning experiences to meet students’ needs in each subject. This means that some material may be delivered in paper format, while other materials will be delivered through digital platforms. Health and safety needs may prevent the distribution of paper materials, but some paper activities may have come home on the day before closure. Since Chromebooks can record sound and video, some instructional material may include video and some assignments may require students to record themselves. The teacher will clearly explain the requirements for all learning activities.

During the entire period of closure, classwork will be required and counted for a class grade, even if that work constitutes review (see the grading section below for details). Due dates will be assigned to help students plan their work and to keep steady progress toward learning goals. While teachers will be more flexible with this work than they would with regular classroom work, they will still require students to complete the work to build a grade. Teachers will provide feedback for this work, which will include both review material and new instruction. Student communication with teachers is essential to ensuring that this work is understood and completed

Elementary School

Classwork will vary from subject to subject, and students and families will receive work that relates to diverse subjects such as reading, math, art, music, and social studies. Sylvania elementary teachers are working to produce activities that cover our students’ range of learning experiences and provide opportunities at home for engagement and growth. Elementary classwork will include both review activities and new instruction.

All Schools

Health and safety concerns limit the district’s ability to distribute and collect physical materials and assignments. On April 3 and 6, elementary schools distributed a second round of closure materials, along with Chromebooks to students that need them. The development of the pandemic and continued guidance from the Governor of Ohio will determine whether the district will be able to distribute another round of materials should the closure extend past May 1. As of this time, distribution for physical materials in grades 6-12 has not been scheduled. As plans change, parents will be updated.

Any paper assignments that have been completed should be kept by students and families until the school is able to collect them safely.

In the absence of safe distribution and collection methods, teachers and students will add or rely on digital learning approaches. Teachers will communicate guidance for these digital learning activities. Students and families can go to Sylvania Remote Learning for help in digital activities or contact their teacher with questions. In some cases, teachers will connect students and families with district technology support.

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