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Remote Learning - Communication

Remote Learning - Communication 


Communication at this time is more important than ever before. It is vital that students and families check email accounts for communication from teachers, principals, and the district. The district will not have another method as simple and effective as digital communication to communicate with students and families. Any student or family facing a challenge in communicating digitally, should contact the building principal for help in establishing another reliable method of communication. 

The most important individuals to be able to contact are teachers, support personnel, and principal. These educators are best positioned to help or forward a need to other, specialized support. Each building and teacher will communicate the specific learning activities and other important information unique to them. This plan for remote learning is a general guideline and expectation for all of our schools, but individual teachers and building leaders will communicate how it will be tailored to each school, class, and student. Please look to teachers and building communication as the most specific and relevant to daily issues.

Teachers may be reached through email, and teacher email addresses can be found in this directory: Teachers may not be able to access their voicemail, so email is the best way to contact them.

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