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Remote Learning - High School Grading Policy

Remote Learning High School Grading Policy

(Email to high school parents and families April 23, 2020)


Now that the Governor has confirmed that we will not return to school for this academic year, both high schools are implementing an update to the grading policy for students and teachers. The update will provide a safety net to students experiencing significant disruption during the closure, but also allow students that wish to make gains to do so.

You will find this update to the grading policy in our district Remote Learning Plan, but I will also summarize here. We will continue to take grades and calculate them for a final grade; however, no student that demonstrates effort at remote learning will earn a grade lower than their recorded quarter 3 grade. So, if a student has earned a 75% C during quarter 3, tries their best during quarter 4, and earns a 65%, the teacher will override the quarter 4 grade to a 75%, and the final semester grade will be the same. On the other hand, if that student earns an 85% B in quarter 4, their final semester grade will improve to an 80% B-. No semester exams will be administered this year, so the semester grade depends only on quarters 3 and 4. This update provides a safety net for students, but allows success and progress in remote learning to be counted.

The policy will continue to be supported by teachers, counselors, principals, and other staff reaching out to students and families in need to help. No student will fail quarter 4 if they have responded to those efforts and worked with teachers and supporting educators. We remain committed to that support and partnership, and all students and families are encouraged to reach out with their needs for help.

Some have wondered why we have not adopted a simple pass/fail policy. Our high school teachers and building leaders feel that a simple pass/fail policy prevents the opportunity for students that wish to progress through remote learning to earn the credit for doing so. We also believe that such a simple policy diminishes incentives to continue learning, and the less students continue to work toward learning goals, the more learning gaps will need to be overcome when we return to school. Our policy provides compassionate security for students struggling in remote learning while allowing those that succeed to continue. It also aims to lessen academic losses.

We will continue to respond to student and family requests for help and guidance. Please feel free to reach out.

Be safe.

Alexander Clarkson

Director of Teaching and Learning

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