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Message from Dr. Motley

October 26, 2021
Dear Sylvania Families,

Over the course of the past week, you may have heard about incidents involving student misconduct at our high schools. We know rumors are brewing and often lead to inaccurate depictions of alleged events. This saddens me and it is deeply disappointing.

We ask that you understand that as a District we do value and practice transparency. However, that same transparency must be coupled with confidentiality when discussing or sharing information regarding students, investigations, due process and assigned consequences.  As a District, by law, we must uphold the tenets of confidentiality as we are working with minor children.

We strongly urge you to take caution when reading and/or commenting on social media. Details that circulate on social media are often not a reflection of an entire situation and/or may be completely inaccurate. For example, counter to what has been shared on social media, there has been no evidence of nor has anyone reported finding a noose at Southview.

It is unfortunate that speculation and rumors spread so quickly especially when incidents involve minors. Often, more details are added to the storyboard and again, are not reflective of the facts. This misinformed, and often misguided rhetoric becomes a blemish on our District, and tarnishes the positive reputation of our Sylvania community.  As always, when incidents are brought to our attention, as a District we conduct a thorough investigation and the District’s administration takes immediate action. Consequences are administered based on facts and not assumptions.

Specific details involving students are protected by confidentiality laws that protect the privacy of our students. Nevertheless, our Sylvania families can be assured that our District takes all forms of misconduct seriously.

We take great pride in our high schools and the accomplishments of our students and our tradition of excellence.  We will continue to excel as a District, as well as surpass the expectations of our beloved learning community.

Dr. Veronica Motley

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