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District Criteria for Switching Learning Plans

How does the district determine when to switch learning plans?



New Cases per 100K Persons 

within the Last 14 Days

% of RT-PCR Positive Tests 

During the Last 14 Days 

GREEN (fully in school)


< 8%

YELLOW (hybrid)

100 to = 200

8% to = 10%

RED (fully remote)



The table defines the thresholds for switching between plans. Both criteria must be met in order to shift to a different plan. We will attempt to provide a minimum of one (1) week’s notice when switching to a different plan. Please understand that if a stay-at-home order is suddenly put in place or there is an unforeseen circumstance, the full lead time may not be possible. It should also be noted that if teacher absences at a specific building outpace our ability to secure substitute teachers, a school may need to close for a day or for an extended period of time. Parents will be notified of a school closure at least two (2) hours prior to the start of the school day.

Where is the data available online?
New Cases 100K Persons
CLICK HERE for the Ohio Public Health Advisory System page (also available by starting at 
  1. Search for Lucas county
  2. Look for" Indicator 1 - New Cases Per Capita"
The Ohio Department of Health typically updates this number every Thursday.

% of RT-PCR Positive Tests
CLICK HERE for the Toledo Lucas County Health Department school guidance page (also available by starting at
  1.  Click the Green "COVID-19 School Decision Matrix Criteria" to view the document that explains the colors on the right.
  2. View the current Positivity Rate color on the grid.
Toledo-Lucas County Health Department typically updates this chart every Tuesday.
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