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Executive Summary

Welcome to the Treasurer's Page at Sylvania Schools! As the Treasurer of Sylvania Schools, we are honored to extend a warm welcome to our community members who visit this page. Adam Koch was named Treasurer/CFO of Sylvania Schools in August of 2022. Mr. Koch graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance and received an MBA from Wright State University. He currently holds a current Ohio School Treasurer’s License and Superintendent’s license issued by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Mr. Koch comes to Sylvania with thirteen (13) years of experience in public education serving as both a Treasurer and Superintendent. 

At Sylvania, we take great pride in our commitment to financial transparency and accountability. As stewards of the community's resources, we strive to manage finances responsibly to ensure the highest quality education for our students.

We deeply appreciate the ongoing support of our community members, which allows us to maintain a strong financial foundation for the benefit of our students and staff. Your trust and collaboration are crucial in enabling us to make informed decisions that positively impact the educational experience of every student within the Sylvania school district. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where fiscal responsibility aligns seamlessly with our mission to educate, empower, and inspire our students to reach their full potential as life long contributors to a global society.

On behalf of Sylvania Schools, we extend sincere gratitude to our community for your unwavering support. Together, we can continue to build a bright future for our students, ensuring that they receive the best possible education in a fiscally responsible manner. Thank you for being essential partners in our shared commitment to excellence in education.

If you have any questions about school finance or district operations, please feel free to contact the treasurer's office at [email protected] or 419-824-8520. 

Fiscal Beliefs

As fiscal stewards for Sylvania taxpayers, we believe it is prudent to have adequate cash reserves. This is a long term goal that with time, deliberate discussion, and sufficient planning, will be accomplished by focusing on the following:
1. As educational leaders, we are committed to investing district resources in effective and innovative teaching
and learning opportunities.
2. All fiscal decisions will respect the District’s educational goals and financial plan.
3. We will focus on efficiently and proactively managing expenses to delay deficit spending as long as possible.
4. Continuous and proactive planning for curriculum, technology and capital improvements will be monitored and followed.

Fiscal Stewardship

We are extremely grateful to our community for their support in the passage of our levy. Due to that passage, we are able to offer a great education to our students, simultaneously ensuring that Sylvania Schools remains a destination location for young families looking for a great education for their children.

To ensure transparency, Sylvania Schools has adopted the Ohio Online Checkbook to allow all community members access to our finances. You may find our checkbook at


Adam Koch
Bradley J. Rieger Administration Building
4747 N. Holland Sylvania Road
Sylvania, Ohio 43560  


The district is required to submit a five-year financial forecast and supporting notes two times each school year. The most recent versions of the forecast and notes approved by the Board of Education can be viewed by clicking below. Be sure to review the notes along with the numbers, as they are key in understanding the meaning behind the numbers. The district's forecast and notes can also be viewed on The Ohio Department of Education website by clicking here.

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