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Remote Learning - Scheduling

Remote Learning - Scheduling 

School Days

Teachers are treating every regularly scheduled school day as a workday. This does not include previously-scheduled breaks, such as spring break, holidays, or weekends. On school days, teachers will manage the course of learning and communicate with students and families. Please feel free to communicate with teachers during that time and expect a turnaround of no more than one business day for such communication. 

Students should treat these days as days of school as well. While remote learning activities may not take the amount of time a normal school day would require, consistent attention to those activities will be necessary for successful learning. Families will face challenges at home, and teachers will present flexible learning opportunities to be sensitive to those challenges, but a regular schedule will allow students to remain engaged in learning.

Building Schedules

Teachers and building principals will provide guidance in scheduling classwork. High schools and junior high schools will post a weekly building schedule showing suggested times for meetings and work. Elementary teachers will provide guidance for the duration of activities and their sequencing throughout the week. These schedules and guidance are meant to help students and families complete remote learning activities, but they do not constitute a requirement for pacing.

Hours of Work

In remote learning, the time students devote to learning activities will vary. Unlike a school schedule, where students all attend classes and activities for the same amount of time, remote learning will leave students and families to determine schedules based upon home factors. The district recognizes this and encourages all teachers, students, and families to prioritize health, safety, and family needs. Despite these individual circumstances, Sylvania Schools aims to provide clear structure and expectations to help everyone continue to learn. These structures and expectations are only guidelines for all, not requirements, and show what the district will provide to every student and family.

Teachers are committed to providing activities and learning experiences that lead to active engagement with students. That active engagement could be reading, completing a worksheet, following through on a project, working with other students, participating in live sessions, or completing an assessment. Around that active engagement time, students will find themselves completing other tasks, like studying, reviewing, communicating, and more. Active engagement plus these other tasks should result in work close to a normal school day. As stated, that time will vary, but teachers are committed to producing materials and activities to provide the following amount of active engagement:

  • Pre-Kindergarten: up to 5 hours per week

  • Kindergarten through Grade 2: up to 10 hours per week

  • Grade 3 through 5: up to 15 hours per week

  • Grades 6 through 12: up to 2 hours per week per class

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