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Sylvania Schools

Remote Learning Plan

Remote Learning - Teachers, Students, and Families 


In this period of closure, every member of the Sylvania community has been affected differently, not only students and families, but also teachers and other district support personnel. These different situations and the uncertain nature of the pandemic make personal and family health and safety a priority, one which leads to diverse needs. Added to that, situations change often, and every member of the community tries to adjust to those changes often. This makes the prospect of remote learning challenging, but not impossible.

A remote learning plan will only lead to learning if teachers, students, and families work together, reaching out to support staff for resources and solutions, but the district recognizes that students and families will face individual circumstances that will direct their work with teachers. Sylvania teachers and other support personnel will continue to provide learning experiences as appropriate and provide guidance and help to students and families. The opportunities for learning and growth will continue, and the essential trio of teachers, students, and families will be able to work together to access them.

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Support Services, including Special Education




Building Access

Guidance Documents and Online Resources 


Please feel free to contact our schools or district offices for help.
Sylvania Schools Office of Academic Affairs

Tim Zieroff, Ass’t Superintendent of Academic Affairs

(419) 824-8530 [email protected]

Alex Clarkson, Director of Teaching and Learning

(419) 824-8578 [email protected]

Rose Gaiffe, Director of Disability Services

(419) 824-8594 [email protected]


Lindsay Denny, Elementary Instruction Specialist

(419) 824-8532 [email protected]

Kathleen Pollock, Gifted Services Coordinator

(419) 824-8576 [email protected]

Alyssa Kuebeck, ESL Services Coordinator

(419) 824-2552 [email protected]


Central Trail Elementary School

4321 Mitchaw Rd.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8610

(fax) 419.824-8606

Principal: Amanda Ogren

[email protected]

Highland Elementary School

7720 Erie St.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8611

(fax) 419.824.8635

Principal: Steven Swaggerty

Hill View Elementary School

5424 Whiteford Rd.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8612

(fax) 419-824-8639

Principal: Chad Kolebuck

[email protected]

Maplewood Elementary School

6769 Maplewood Ave.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8613

(fax) 419-824-8649

Principal: John Duwve

[email protected]


Stranahan Elementary School

3840 N. Holland Sylvania Rd.

Toledo, OH 43615

(phone) 419.824.8614

Fax#: 419.824.8665

Principal: Jeremy Bauer

[email protected]

Sylvan Elementary School

4830 Wickford Dr.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419.824.8615

Fax#: 419.824.8679

Principal: Julie Gault

[email protected]


Whiteford Elementary School

4708 Whiteford Rd.

Toledo, OH 43623

Phone: 419-824-8616

Fax#: 419-824-8697

Principal: Andrew Duncan

[email protected]


Arbor Hills Junior High School 

5334 Whiteford Rd.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8640

(fax) 419-824-8659

Principal Mellisa McDonald

[email protected]


McCord Junior High School

4304 McCord Rd.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8650

(fax) 419-824-8619

Principal: Josh Tyburski

[email protected]


Timberstone Junior High School

9000 Sylvania Ave.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8680

(fax) 419-824-8690

Principal: Mike Bader

[email protected]


Northview High School

5403 Silica Drive

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8570

(fax) 419-824-5115

Guidance Office ext. 5112

Principal: Mark Pugh

[email protected]


Southview High School

7225 Sylvania Ave.

Sylvania, OH 43560

(phone) 419-824-8580

Guidance Office ext. 6112

(fax) 419-824-6108

Principal: Kasey Vens

[email protected]

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