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Master Facilities Plan

The Sylvania Board of Education has announced plans to commence a Master Facilities Plan Committee. In alignment with our District’s Strategic Plan, the mission of the Master Facilities Plan Committee is to address the current use of and future planning for the District’s facility infrastructure.

The Master Facilities Plan Committee will be composed of business leaders, community members, employees, parents/guardians and students. After the 18-month process is complete, committee members will be charged with reporting findings to the Sylvania Board of Education. The school district will select members from applications received by Thursday, November 30, 2023. To apply, click the link at the bottom of this page. 

Committee selections will be announced prior to the Kickoff Meeting being held on December 12th.  

Considerations for the Master Facilities Plan Committee will include:
*   Enrollment and residential trends
*   Reviewing the maintenance costs associated with the varying ages of buildings across the district (some that require/demand repair beyond typical upkeep.)
*  Preschool services being provided are currently decentralized in classrooms designed for K-5 students.
*  Explore potential grade configurations, redistricting to maximize, build/repurpose current buildings.
*  Increase in diverse learning needs that require unique/special learning spaces.

The information below details the age of each school building across the District:

Arbor Hills JH, year built 1970
Central Trail Elementary, year built 2012
Highland Elementary, year built 1965
Hill View Elementary, year built 2010
McCord JH, year built 1963
Maplewood Elementary, year built  2011
Northview HS, year built 1960
Southview HS, year built 1976
Stranahan Elementary, year built 1956
Sylvan Elementary, year built 1963
Timberstone JH, year built 1997
Whiteford Elementary, year built 1967 

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