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Career Tech Opportunities

As high school scheduling for the 2021-2022 school year begins, Sylvania Schools has launched a new website highlighting the career technical education programs and courses available to students. Sylvania Schools is a full career center, offering 14 full programs for career technical education (CTE). These programs are available to all Sylvania high school students and can be pursued while continuing education in regular courses, honors and AP programs, and special education supports. This flexibility offers students the opportunity to fully participate in on-campus activities and extracurriculars while gaining valuable career-building academic and technical skills.

With the variety of programs offered, a significant number of Sylvania high school students find interest in and take at least one exploratory career technical course. Over 50% of students in the Class of 2020 completed two or more full credits in career technical classes. Sylvania Schools CTE provides students the opportunity to build career knowledge and skills needed to make informed career decisions while earning high school and oftentimes post-secondary credits. Students explore industry-standard topics and applications in these programs, not only gain practical knowledge and skills, but also earn industry credentials, apply skills in internships, accumulate college credit, and compete with peers from across the state and nation.

Alex Clarkson, Secondary Director of Teaching and Learning states, “The experiences in our programs adds a layer of diversity and authenticity to Sylvania students’ education. It pushes them past the narrower scope of academics, where students learn to know, and into the real world, where students learn to do. Combining both gives our students a rounded and robust education ”

This site has been created to provide more information to students and families about the career technical programs offered in our district.

Sylvania Schools Career Technical Programs

Business Technology           



Education and Training           

Engineering and Fabrication        

Family and Consumer Sciences        

Financial Management            


Interactive Media    

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Medical Technologies


Theatrical Performing Arts

Visual Communication Design

Visit the Career Tech Website

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