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Sylvania Schools

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. 

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”- Dr. Seuss

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) in Sylvania Schools
The Teaching and Learning Department also oversees and supports the Gifted and Talented Education Department (GATE).

The Sylvania School District focuses on depth and complexity of learning. We aim for students to find the love of asking questions when delving into learning. Students today are preparing for careers we cannot name, but must be problem solvers and have persistence in the face of challenges. We understand the social and emotional needs of the students must be addressed for them to maximize their potential and that is a focus during GATE enrichment sessions.
Currently, Gifted Intervention Specialists and/or Classroom Providers provide enrichment and/or service to students who have been identified beginning in third grade.

Please see our Sylvania Gifted Plan for complete details.

Sylvania Schools Gifted Programming Website (link)  

Definition of Gifted Students: The state of Ohio defines a gifted student as one who performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment. For some, their learning needs are not a good match to the standard curriculum. These students are found at all grades and in many different areas. These students are found at all grades and in many different areas. The goal of identification is to locate these students so that, when necessary, adjustments can be made in their school program in order to match their needs. 


Superior Cognitive Ability

 Specific Academic 


Creative Thinking 


Visual or 

Performing Arts Ability

When a student scores two deviations above the mean minus the standard error of measurement on an intelligence test, or scores at or above the ninety-fifth percentile on an approved composite battery of a nationally normed achievement test, or attains an approved score on an approved nationally-normed above grade level achievement test.

When a student performs at or above the ninety-fifth percentile in a specific academic ability field on an approved nationally-normed achievement test. A student may be identified in more than one academic ability field.

When a student scores one standard deviation above the mean, minus the standard error of measure, on an approved intelligence test and also attains a qualifying score on an approved checklist of creative behaviors or creativity test.

When a student demonstrates superior ability in a visual or performing arts area through a display of work, an audition, or other performance or exhibition and a qualifying score on an approved checklist of behaviors related to a specific arts area.

K-12 Program Structure
High School Advanced Placement


English Language & Composition

English Literature & Composition 

 World Language

French Language

German Language

Spanish Language

 MathCalculus AB
Calculus BC





Environmental Science 


Physics 1 

 Social Studies

European History


 United States Government & Politics
 United States History
 World History

  MusicMusic Theory
  ArtArt History
 Career TechComputer Science A

Computer Science Principles



High School Program for Honors


English 9 

English 10

  World Language
French III & IV
French Conversation
 German III & IV
 Spanish III & IV
  MathAlgebra I
  Algebra II

 Forensic Science
 Physical Science
 Science Research

 Social StudiesAmerican History
 World Studies
  ArtSenior Studio 2D Design
Senior Studio 3D Design
 Career TechBusiness Technology 
Computer Programming
Education & Training
Engineering Tech Prep
Financial Management
Medical Technology
Theatrical Performing Arts 
Visual Communications Design
Oral Communications
Public Speaking
Theatre Workshop

Junior High Honors 
Social Studies Honors Social Studies 6
 Honors Social Studies 7 
 Honors Social Studies 8 
English Honors English 6 
 Honors English 7
 Honors English 8
Science Honors Science 6
 Honors Science 7
 Honors Science 8
Math III Honors Math 6
 Honors Math 7
 Honors Math 8
Algebra I Honors Algebra (6th, 7th, 8th)
Geometry Geometry (7th, 8th)
World Language I

Elementary GATE Services 
4th gradeMath and/or ELA
5th grade
Math and/or ELA
Elementary Enrichment
3rd grade 60 minutes per week  
4th grade30 minutes per week 
5th grade 60 minutes per week 

  • GATE Board Policy (PDF) (RTF)
  • Statement of Policy (link)
  • Gifted Screening Referral Form (link)
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