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Northview High School

NCAA & Athletic Eligibility Info


Eligibility is determined on a quarter by quarter basis. The required 1.5 grade point average
shall be cumulative for all courses taken the previous quarter. Athletes must also meet 
OHSAA standards. In order to be eligible in grades 9-12, a student must be currently
enrolled and must have been enrolled in school immediately preceding the grading period.
During the preceding grading period, the student must have received passing grades in a 
minimum of five one-credit courses or the equivalent that count toward graduation. Make
sure you schedule enough courses for the next school year.

Contact Northview's Athletic Director, Chris Irwin 419-824-8570 ext. 5113, with any questions.



If your senior is planning to enroll in college as a freshman during the next academic year and 
wishes to participate in Division I or Division II sports, he or she must be certified by the 
NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse, not the university, will analyze the 
athlete's academic records to determine if he or she meets the NCAA requirements. The first
step in the process is to file an NCAA application with the clearinghouse at the end of 2nd semester 
of the student's junior year. An application can be obtained on-line at 

Athletes who may be considering Division I or Division II collegiate sports should include the NCAA 
code for score reports on the National ACT and SAT test registration forms.

If any questions, contact your college and/or the NCAA Clearinghouse at

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