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2-Year Career Programs

January 26, 2024
This week, our Northview and Southview 10th grade students toured the 2-year career programs offered in our buildings. Our programs include honors & college credit, industry credentials, networking and hands-on experience. Students in the programs graduate with a variety of paths ahead of them as they enter the workforce, college or military. 

View the extensive list of Career Tech electives and learn more about the 2-year programs
Program of Studies
careertech.sylvaniaschools.org - The application can be found through this link.

Applications are due by 11:59pm on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

2-year Career Programs
• 3D Game & Graphic DesignBusiness Technology
• Construction Technology
• Computer Programming
• Cosmetology
• Education Training
• Engineering Fabrication
• Financial Management
• Family & Consumer Sciences
• Horticulture
• Interactive Media
• Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
• Medical Technologies
• Theatrical Performing Arts

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