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Southview High School

Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education

Department Chair: Jon Austin
(419) 824-8580 ext. 6129
Career Technical Education programs will provide all students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to be college and career ready in the competitive global society. This will be done by recognizing and drawing upon the strengths and interests of each student. Programs offered respond to the needs of a fast changing global workforce and economy. Click on the video links below for more information about specific offerings.

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The Career Technical Education programs provide career related experiences, advanced college placement and/or credits, and licensure/certification opportunities. Career Technical Education is the place where your career begins. The programs stress the importance and need of strong academic knowledge and skills along with a focus in high school to postsecondary transitions. Career Technical Education brings education to life using problem-based and inquiry- based curriculum. The classes provide a seamless pathway for students to easily advance to postsecondary education or the workforce.
Parents frequently ask these questions:


When does a student become involved in Career Tech programs?

Southview students explore career tech offerings as early as ninth grade with electives such as Robotics Technology and Plant and Horticulture Science. These electives help them see if they are interested in enrolling in full two-year programs beginning in junior year.

What about internships?

Yes! Career Tech programs not only offer off-site internship and job training programs, but many offer the opportunity to earn industry credentials, making students better prepared for in-demand careers than their fellow high school graduates. Please check out our brochure exploring these and more details.

Can students earn college credit for these courses?

Absolutely! No fewer than nineteen courses in the Career Tech department offered college credit through an association with Owens Community College and through ODE Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2.

Which full, two-year programs are offered at Southview?

Southview students may take programs housed at Southview or at Northview. These include: Computer Programming, Construction Trades, Cosmetology, Education and Training, Engineering, Financial Management, Interactive Media, Medical Technology, Visual Communication Design, Horticulture, Business Technology, and Job Training.
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