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Southview High School

Hour Of Code

What is the Hour of Code?

The "Hour of Code" is a world-wide event that provides an introduction to computer science. This hour is designed to demystify "code" and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator, an innovator. You can learn to code. You can talk to computers. There is no experience needed and over 1 billion people have tried it!

We normally would meet in a computer lab and work together to realize that programming is not an impossible task, but due to COVID, we will be completing this virtually.  However, the goal for you to see programming as a possible career full of challenges and rewards is still the same. 

This is a great chance to see what programming is all about without having to make a major time commitment. Take just one hour of your day and discover that you CAN do it! No genius necessary. All it takes is being willing to think. Give it try next this week!

December 10th, 2020
You can complete your Hour of Code during a free period on Thursday, but it will still be available after school and throughout the weekend! 
What should I do?
To join millions around the world in participating in the Hour of Code this year, simply go to and click the "Try It" button. Scroll through the list or use the search/filter options to pick just the right one to fit your personality. There are so many awesome choices you may decide to do more than one!

Completed Your Hour?
Did you complete your hour of code? We would love to hear from you! Please complete the quick survey to let us know!
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