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Southview High School

World Languages

World Languages

Department Chair: Lucas Hoffman
(419) 824-8580 ext. 6156
The World Languages department helps Southview students meet the world through a study of world languages and cultures. The two studies go hand-in-hand as students learn reading, writing, and speaking skills of the languages and then explore the customs, politics, geography, and history of the nations and people that speak those languages. World language students not only study these diverse communities in the classroom, but enjoy opportunities to travel to the nations they study. Click on the video link below for more information about specific offerings.

Parents frequently ask these questions:


Which world languages does Southview offer?

We offer three languages for study: French, German, and Spanish.

Which world language courses are required for graduation?

Southview students do not need to complete world language courses for graduation, but colleges prefer and sometimes require students to have completed at least two years of language study.  In addition, students wishing to earn an honors high school diploma must complete at least two years of study.

How many honors and AP courses does the World Languages department offer?

Southview students can complete AP French and AP Spanish. In addition, honors study is available at the third and fourth year levels of French, Spanish, and German.  Honors French and Honors Spanish Conversation classes are both available.

Does the World Languages department have any clubs or extracurricular activities associated with it?

A Southview student wishing to explore and apply the content of world language classes can join American Sign Language, French, German, and Spanish Clubs.

What about world travel?

For students seeking adventure, the World Language department regularly offers both local and international educational opportunities.  The German program frequently plans trips to Germany and Austria.  The French programs regularly welcomes exchange students from France.  Southview students participate by living with a French family for a week followed by an educational trip around France. Spanish students frequently travel to Latin America for service learning and/or language immersion.
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