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Southview High School



Department Chair: Matt Fojtik
(419) 824-8580 ext. 6177
The math department at Southview offers an Ohio standards-aligned four-year curriculum that addresses student proficiency from Introduction to Algebra to Calculus. In addition, courses are tailored to student ability levels, with double-block sections offered to struggling students and three AP and four honors courses offered to advanced students. The math team at Southview also provides a math tutoring lab in the media center for extra student help. Click on the video link below for more information about specific offerings.

Parents frequently ask these questions:


Does my child need to purchase a graphing calculator?

Over the next four years of mathematics, students will be engaging in all forms of equations and their graphs. Although a Texas Instruments (TI-83 or TI-84) graphing calculator is recommended, it is not mandatory for their freshman year. With the implementation of Chromebooks, students also use the online graphing tool of Desmos.

What course should my son or daughter be taking his or her freshman year?

The typical freshman class is Algebra 1, although some students may find themselves a little more advanced and may be in a Geometry or Honors Geometry class. If your child struggles in math, the department also offer a double-blocked Algebra 1 class where there is more one-on-one teacher student learning.

What math classes are offered after freshman year?

Because the state requires four years of math, the department offers a wide range of math courses. The typical progression is Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus, Statistics, or College Prep their senior year. For those wishing to excel, the department also offers higher level honors courses up to AP Calculus BC. Please refer to flowchart below:
 Math progression flowchart

Where can my son or daughter get extra help if he or she is struggling?

An abundant amount of math extra help is available here at Southview. Math tutoring is available in the library every period every other day throughout the entire school year. And, our National Honors Society students volunteer their time every period of every day in the library as well. The entire math department faculty is eager and willing to help students before or after school if your child does not have a free period.
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