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Southview High School

Social Studies

Social Studies

Department Chair: Lee Boyer
(419) 824-8580 ext. 6138
The Social Studies department aims to provide a challenging and diverse curriculum to our students across courses embracing history, social science, and psychology. While many students earn four to five social studies credits, students are required to earn a minimum of three credits in order to graduate. Through years of work in social studies courses, Southview students learn to apply the lessons of history to the problems of today, analyze and understand human behavior, and exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Click on the links below for more information about specific offerings.

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Parents frequently ask these questions:


What is a typical pathway an incoming 9th grader would follow for earning social studies credits?

Incoming freshmen usually complete World Studies, which explores world history from the Renaissance to the present day, completing the world history exploration began in our seventh grade classrooms. But, freshmen do not simply choose from one of these courses. They may complete World Studies or Honors World Studies. Some students choose instead to complete AP European History, the first AP course offered at Southview.

Which social studies courses are required for graduation?

Southview students must complete three credits of social studies to graduate, and those three required credits include a freshman course (see above), an American History course, and an American Government course. Students may go beyond those required credits with several elective offerings, such as Psychology, Sociology, World War Two, American History Through Film, AP Economics, and AP Psychology.

How many AP courses does the social studies department offer?

Southview students can complete five AP courses in the social studies department: AP Economics, AP European History, AP US History, AP Psychology, and AP US Government and Politics.

Does the social studies department have any clubs or extracurricular activities associated with it?

A Southview student wishing to explore and apply the content of social studies classes can join our service organization, Interact, Mock Trial, Speech and Debate, Philosophy Club, Quiz Bowl, Student Senate, and Student Government. Students may also become a planning member of our student-led service project, Dance for a Chance (D4AC), which raises funds and awareness for a new cause each year that is chosen by the student body.
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